You will learn about what happened to my body during the transition to a 'fruit' diet, regarding muscles, fat, body mass, and mentality
You will gain access to information I have been collecting for over 3 years (I have been maintaining a daily 'status diary' to this day)
During this seminar, I will share the most 'SHOCKING' details with you that I simply couldn't share publicly
This seminar - you will definitely remember! I will also discuss the experience of healing and the challenges that people I have guided in terms of diet personally have faced
Access is unlimited
My personal experience (my most challenging period during the transition to 'FRUITS') and the experiences of people whom I have guided and continue to guide in matters of plant-based nutrition. You will gain powerful motivation and knowledge that I haven't shared anywhere else yet... (detoxification, cleansing, weight, muscles, fat, bones, mentality). You won't forget something like this for sure. It will be highly suspenseful and detailed!
FRUITS And body
$70 $80